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About Semantic Focus

Semantic Focus is a blog and community for the Semantic Web and everything related to it. The blog contains insightful views into the Semantic Web as well as important information and news about the Semantic Web community.

This community was created to focus the effort of reaching the Semantic Web as well as become a center for communication about Semantic Web development.



James Simmons

Primary author

James Simmons

I created this community for a few reasons, though primarily to give myself a place to write about my research of the Semantic Web. I also like to explore related topics like natural language processing, information retrieval, and web evolution. Like many of you I still have a lot to learn for myself, but I'll be sharing my experience along the way!



Yihong Ding

Contributing author

Yihong Ding

Yihong is currently a Ph.D candidate in Brigham Young University with Prof. David W. Embley in Computer Science Department, Prof. Deryle W. Lonsdale in Linguistic Department, and Prof. Stephen W. Liddle in Marriott School of Management. Yihong is also a remote member of Semantics in Business Information Systems (SEBIS) cluster in DERI Innsbruck, Austria, where he closely works with Dr. Martin Hepp and Dr. Ying Ding.

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