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Statistical Machine Translation

A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation.
Peter F. Brown and John Cocke and Stephen Della Pietra and Vincent J. Della Pietra and Fredrick Jelinek and John D. Lafferty and Robert L. Mercer and Paul S. Roossin.
Computational Linguistics. 16 (2). 1990. 79-85.

The mathematics of statistical machine translation: Parameter estimation.
Peter F. Brown and Vincent J. Della Pietra and Stephen Della Pietra and Robert L. Mercer.
Computational Linguistics. 19 (2). 1993.

Statistical Methods for Machine Translation.
Verbmobil: Foundations of Speech-to-Speech Translation.
Stephan Vogel and Franz Josef Och and Christoph Tillmann and Sonja Nießen and Hassan Sawaf and Hermann Ney, Wolfgang Wahlster.
2000. 377-393.

Fast Decoding and Optimal Decoding for Machine Translation.
Germann, Ulrich and Jahr, Michael and Knight, Kevin and Marcu, Daniel and Yamada, Kenji.
Proceedings of 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. 2001. 228--235.

A Syntax-based Statistical Translation Model.
Yamada, Kenji and Knight, Kevin.
Proceedings of 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. 2001. 523--530.

Multi-Engine Machine Translation with an Open-Source (SMT) Decoder.
Yu Chen and Andreas Eisele and Christian Federmann and Eva Hasler and Michael Jellinghaus and Silke Theison
Proceedings of 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. ACL 2007: proceedings of the Second Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, June 23, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic. pp. 193-196.

Moses: Open Source Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation.
Philipp Koehn and Hieu Hoang and Alexandra Birch and Chris Callison-Burch and Marcello Federico and Nicola Bertoldi and Brooke Cowan and Wade Shen and Christine Moran and Richard Zens and Chris Dyer and Ondrej Bojar and Alexandra Constantin and Evan Herbst
Proceedings of ACL 2007, demonstration session.

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Techniques for machine translation that combine a stochastic model of the target language with a stochastic relation between target and source language. Translation is seen as a decoding task similar to speech recognition. Both types of models can be build automatically from suitable training data.